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志愿者活动 Volunteer Activity

In recent years, the volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people, especially among youngsters。 According to a survey, in 2008, there were about 1,700,000 volunteers who offered service for Olympic Games。 Actually, an increasing number of people bee volunteers in China every year。


Volunteering actions are of tremendous benefits to both those in need and the society。 Olympic Games are a good example。 As is known to all, volunteers played an active role in Beijing Olympic Games。 Without them, it would be a tough task to hold this un-precedent Olympic Games。 Therefore, we can say that it was those volunteers who ensured the success of these games。


As modern college students, we should get actively involved in volunteering activities。 By participating, we can learn how to work well in a team, how to improve our interpersonal skills and organizational ability。 Undoubtedly, all of these are critical for our person growth。 So, we should take this chance to learn and to grow。



I want to be a volunteer of beijing olympic games. I realized the time flies.I must study english very hard. Because English is very useful and it is very important. And to be a volunteer of the olympic games is good for myself too.I can make some friends from different countries and learn more about sport,about olympic. But the first thing to perpare this is study hard, I am confident i will to be a good volunteer and I will show the world:our country and our cities are so perfect in the world.  Some of us helped clean the city park while some went to Children's Hospital to tell stories to sick kids to cheer them up. Some students sang songs for the old in the Home for the Elderly. I am good at telling stories so I went to the hospital with my classmates. Volenteer work is not only interesting but also necessary because we can show our love to people in need.    


志愿服务的益处 The Benefits of Volunteering

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are willing to serve as volunteers especially the university students in that they consider that volunteering is not only a great contribution to our society and those who are in need, but also improves themselves in many aspects。


For one thing, there is no doubt that volunteering makes contribution to our society and people in need。 The volunteers provide their assistance without requiring any financial rewards。 Their contributions have a great impact on harmony society contribution。


For another, serving as a volunteer is also beneficial to the volunteers themselves。 They can improve their munication skills when providing help for others。 One of the examples is that the university students who serve in Canton Fair will get a great chance to practical their English and get in touch with different kinds of people as well as broad their horizon。 In addition, by serving as different kinds of volunteers, they are easier to understand themselves and know in which fields they are interested。


In a word, volunteering has brought many benefits to our society, those who are in need as well as the volunteers themselves。 Therefore, let us enjoy the time when serving as a volunteer。



The volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people in recent years, especially among young people.  Volunteering is of tremendous benefits to both those in need and society. Take the Wenchuan Earthquake as an example. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers play an active role in Wenchuan quake-hit areas. And they contribute daily necessaries, offer medical help and psychological help to the disaster relief work.  Besides, volunteering would be beneficial to the volunteers themselves~ Getting involved in volunteering, volunteers will be exposed to a new environment, and they can learn how to work well in a team, how to improve their interpersonal skills and organizational skills, all of which are critical for their professional growth.

As a college student, I sincerely hope that everyone would join the volunteering work. It is not only good to our society, but also a chance for us to grow and to learn.  






Lu Hao is a middle school student in Guizhou, who joined the “1 helps 1” program of the Youth Volunteer Community Development Project last year. Every Tuesday and Friday he visits an old man who lives alone. “Mr. Zhao is weak and cannot do much for himself, so I give him some help. I help do some shopping, do some housework, or read the newspaper to him as his eyesight is not good.” He said.  

Meng Yu is studying for her master’s degree in Canada. She has a busy timetable, but still finds time for voluntary activities during the weekends. “Last month I took part in an event to help hungry children in some of the less developed villages. Twenty-two of us went without food for 30 hours! It was a challenge, but we could drink as much as we liked and we had a doctor there, so it was not dangerous. We wanted to improve awareness of hunger because every day children are dying of starvation. It was a great success. The local newspaper and TV reported it and we received many donations.”  

Lu Hao, Lin Ying and Meng Yu are all helping to make other people’s lives better. Would you like to make a difference by becoming a volunteer?