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Parents  gave me life in this world,I love the most is them.

Expressing  of loving parents do not need to pass a language that I love them.Whatever we  can do some little things.In the Father's Day or Mother's Day,we can prepare a  delicious breakfast for them.We can remember their birthdays.In their  birthdays,we don't need to buy gifts,but have to say happy birthday.

When  parents come home from work,we can hand them a cup of hot water to make them  relax.We can help parents to share some of the housework,so that they have more  time to rest.As part of the family,we should take active to do housework.If we  read out,we should always contact them,tell them recent things of our own.Let  them not worry about us.

It  is known to all our parents love is priceless,is not asking for anything.We  should love them in return. But,parents can be very simple love.As long as the  life of more concern to them,for them to have been very satisfied.Just do  it.


Deep  Mother Love-深沉母爱

Every  child is surrounded by the deep mother love. However, we often turn a blind eye  to the love.

One  day I deeply felt the love.

One  day I hurried home for lunch after school, because there would be an exam in the  afternoon and I had expected to go back to school early to prepare for the exam.  But when I got home, the lunch was not ready yet.

I  felt unhappy.

When  the dishes were served, I forund none I like.

I  ran out of my house angrily and wanderde on the street for a while,hungry.

Then  I walked to school.

When  I got into the classroom, I saw a lunch box on my desk. One classmate told me  that it was my mother ther that had brought it here.After opening the box, I  found my favorite food inside. My eyes was moist with tears.

Mother  gave me her love without asking for return, How deep mother love is!










Love  is a stranger a hand; Love is the teacher sets a white hairs in the homework;  Love is the mother of a move, let you feel the warm.

A  little boy, I hate my mom, but since that time, I understand the mother's  love.

On  one occasion, I was just about to do the homework, but found that I lost my  homework, I'm afraid I carelessly, didn't see it, just opened the bag, take out  your book all, one by one to find, but not yet, my heart suddenly tense up,  thought: without the book I can't do the homework, tomorrow, but how to account  with the teacher! True when I worry, mom came back, I just want to let my mother  to help me get to the school, but have to see mother look very embarrassing,  appear very tired, very worry, don't let mother go, can't replacement tomorrow,  let mother go, mom look very tired today, should have a good rest at home. When  my mother found my exception, a little angrily said: "what are you doing! Don't  do your homework?" I speak hesitatingly ground to say: "my homework...... in the  school, can't... help me to get?" After mother, drop a words: "I can't help you  any more, let you suffer, next time do not!" I reluctantly went back to the room  and felt very upset, and in the end I had to do other homework well first, after  a while, I heard a door shutting, also didn't care.

The  next morning, I was bedding bag, found that fall in the school yesterday book  appear in the table above, feel very strange, suddenly recalled that door  shutting in the brain, ask mother, mother said: "I can't help you with, it must  be you didn't see!" But I think mother lying, ask grandma, grandma, mother to  help me to get in the rain at night, my heart was warm, head emerge with a tired  mother help me to take his umbrella rain notebook.

At  this point, the warmth welled up in my mind.






Love  is a ray of sunshine in the winter, the cold and hunger person feels  particularly of warmth; Love is the desert a spring, make thirsty man have  renewed the fire of hope; Love is the long drought earth a downpour, is in  accordance with the nurses who get warm consolation. Love is everywhere, love  can not only warm others, still can warm oneself. “Send person rose saved” said  wasn't it the reason?

Everyone  needs love, the world need more love. Let the world fill with love, is our each  person responsibility. Because only we are living in a world filled with love,  our hearts will have love. You remember on May 12, 2008 the wen chuan  earthquake? And you have to listen to the sound of wrenching eclogue tearing cry  for help? You still have see that YiJuJu bloodied corpses? And you had smelt a  drop of tears drop? It is the tears of the lost relatives! The tears expressed  relatives, but for all the emotion of a lost relatives with emotions, is that  who forced them to leave tears? Is heaven? Is the upbringing of their earth? No,  are not. Is the relentless disaster, ruthless earthquakes. However earthquake  ruthless, people are sentient beings!

Yes,  in that piles of rubble, we saw that willow father-in-law familiar faces. Ah!  Rescue people, armed police officers is……They came, they come, hope, and we  saved, that's rubble a fragile life kept Shouting. Then, the rescue teams  separate search hard in the debris that each the miracle of life. At this time  the sweat from their cheeks drop down, but they shrugged it off, continue to  perform their duties. Their faith: as long as there is a glimmer of hope,  they'll pay a thousand times even million times efforts, even pay the cost of  life, also a massacre. When a and a survivor had to be rescued, they even  systemic injuries, never forget to say the simplest, most plain two words: thank  you!

This  is the national excellent character!

Aftershocks  continued, and they -- help angel also had will farther around. This is so great  and selfless dedication spirit! It is these great unselfish people, they use  oneself that one heart loved too many people, those who be loved man can love  continue.

Yeah!  Earthquake ruthless people love! It is the first soldiers, giving us the world  too much love, would create a another the miracle of life.

Even  if we can't do the stars, then you have to do a firefly, although small, but can  also lit up the world a certain corner; Even if we can't do flowers, then you  have to do a single grass, even flimsy, but can also have a green; Even if we  can't do hero, then you have to be a love person, although identity humble, but  also can make victims get a little warm.

Let  the world fill with love, you and me and he coexistence!


when  i was just a little child, my parents had divorced. then i do not know what had  happened and even do not know why they divorced.at that time, i always thought  that they married just for me. when i growed up, i just understand that a man  married a women just for their own love. therefore, i know that it did not mean  that they do not love me when they divorced.actually, even they divorced.they  always love me.before i thought they do not love, however,i still choose to love  them, to understand them, but not to hate them, because they are my parents, my  relativest ones. they are the persons i love best. later i felt lucky that they  still love me,give me all i want and let me not be hurted. i know that even they  had left, but they are still care about me. when i met something unhappy, they  are the only one can give me more happy and courage. when i felt difficult in  learning, they would try their best to give me better understanding. wherever  they go, they never forget me and give me best hearts. i know my parents love  me!

good  luck!