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The  long-awaited Mid-Autumn festival finally arrived, people in high spirits, in the  form of a variety of programs to celebrate this traditional festival. This day  just right is my uncle's birthday, all of you in the hotel for dinner, to  celebrate the birthday, enjoy this Christmas with you.

Came  to the gate of the hotel, wow! There was a sea of people, even the parking place  all have no, people put the hotel is surrounded by water. Luckily we advance  reservation of a table for four, see the whole restaurant crowded, noisy joy, my  in the mind very happy, heartily appreciate each with a wide variety of seafood  and vegetables.

After  dinner, we went to the beach swimming watching lanterns. At this time, the moon  is high in the sky, big, round, put the whole earth will shine bright. The  weather is very good this year, 15 points at 9 o 'clock, we arrived at the  destination, the beach is illuminated, the attraction. We walked along the beach  while watching. Into the door, "lamp extraordinary splendour yiu inlets,  mountain with water, zhuhai" JuFu couplet is remind visitors don't forget the  good times in the moon. Enter the end, I saw so big I everywhere in the end, the  lamp extraordinary splendour. Visitors to the singing away. The zhuhai beach  groups people spread out the POTS and pans, engaging barbecue; Some are spread  out on the beach plastic, put the moon cake, drinks, etc., wai together, raise a  glass to month; Some people are still dancing hand in hand; Lively and  clinking.





the  mid-autumn festival has all interesting history. long ago in one of the  dynasties of china there was a king who was very cruel to the people and did not  manage the country well. the people were so angry that some brave ones suggested  killing the king. so they wrote notes telling about the meeting place and time  and put them into cakes. on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month every person was  told to buy the cakes. when they ate them they discovered the notes. so they  gathered together to make a sudden attack on the king. from then on the chinese  people celebrate on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month and eat "moon cakes" in  memory of that important event.

when  the mid-autumn festival is near, shop windows are beautifully decorated. many  "moon cakes" are displayed for people to buy. people send presents such aswine,  fruits and "moon cakes" to their friends and relatives. in the evening of the  day, they have a feast. after the feast, they go out to the garden to look at  the moon. the children run and laugh on the streets.

it  is believed that the moon is at her brightest on this night. many poems have  been written about it, and poets are never tired of reading and writing such  poems. in chinese literature, the moon of the mid autumn festival has been  compared to a looking-glass, a jade rabbit, and so on. it seems that chinese  literature takes far more interest in the moon than in the sun.





The  Mid-Autumn Festival The Mid-Autumn is a very important Chinese festival. It  falls on the 15th day of August. A few days before the festival, everyone in the  family will help to make the house clean and beautiful. Lanterns will be hung in  front of the house.

On  the evening there will be a big family dinner. People who work far away from  their homes will try to come back for the union. After dinner, people will light  the lanterns which are usually red and round. Children will play with their own  toy lanterns happily.

At  night the moon is usually round and bright. People can enjoy the moon while  eating moon-cakes which are the special food for this festival. They can look  back on the past and look forward to the future together. It is said that there  was a dragon in the sky. The dragon wanted to swallow up the moon. To protect  the frighten the dragon away.





 Mid-autumn Festival is a popular and important lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people.The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar.There are some traditions in this holiday.For example,people would have a big dinner with there families.After dinner,they often enjoy the full moon which is round and bright.The other tradition of mid-autumn festival is eating moon cake.Moon cake is the essential of that day,which means reunion.As time goes by,there are various kinds of moon cakes,but they are much more expensive than before.I like mid-autumn festival because my families will get together.  



The  Mid-Autumn Day

August  15th in Chinese Lunar Calendar is the Mid-Autumn Day. It is one of the most  important traditional festivals in China.

On  that day people usually go back home to have family reunion . Each family will  have the members get together to have a big dinner. The most popular food is  moon cakes. They are round and look like the moon.

The  moon is the brightest this night. People eat the delicious food while they are  enjoying a beautiful full moon in their yard. At this time, some old people  would like to tell many past events and tell the children a story about the  rabbit on the moon . The children really believe that there is a rabbit on the  moon. They hope to go to the moon and have a look one day.

What  a great festival!




中秋节晚上的月亮特别地圆。人们都在自家的院子里一边赏月一边吃着可口的月饼。这个时候  ,一些老人会讲述许多古老的故事,如月亮上的玉兔,孩子们信以为真,他们真想有一天登上月球看个究竟。