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What  is the mother of all resources less and less? Is, of course, we humans excessive  spoiling don't cherish, would cause such a serious result. Our earth forest area  has reached 600 million hectares, the figure is due to our human previously has  important sense to protect the environment, know that if you don't have a good  environment, we won't be able to breathe to the light wind gently brushed the  grass surface sweet taste. And now? Us that the earth's forest area is still not  arrived 6 hectares, this kind of situation, it is because we humans cut down  trees and destroying forest without restraint, make almost fell by 1% in each of  the forest area in the world, now our protection in the nature of the important  consciousness is more and more shallow, don't take care of the objects around,  as the forest is less, the first bite of the air we breathe is less and less  fresh...

Is  not destruction of forest resources, and our mineral resources. It is limited,  now our production technology constantly improve, the accelerating speed and  shortage of some minerals occurred, even dried up. Until then, we will always  stay in the desolate landscape.

In  the face of these, can see there are so many resources in we lost too much! We  rely on resources too much! All around us, little drops of the resources are in  decline, if lost it all, we will how to live! So, let us sincerely treat our  mother earth, try to cherish, to cherish. If only use a small plastic bag, it  should not be too!

Let  us act, to defend the earth!






Earth  is the home where we live. The resources on Earth are limited, but with the  development of our human society, less and less resources on Earth, human social  activities on the destruction of the Earth's environment is also growing, such  as: global warming, glaciers accelerated melting , Soil erosion, river water  quality deterioration, air pollution intensified ... ... If we do not do energy  conservation and environmental protection work, the earth will severely punish  us, human society can not continue to develop.

In  fact, energy saving and environmental protection of each of us can start from  the little things around. We can open the air conditioner, open the air  conditioning can increase the temperature a little; we can put the lights at  home are energy-saving and develop the habit of turning off the lights; we wash  the taps can be a little smaller; we can When you go out by bus, less open  private car; out of travel when we want to make their own garbage in time to  take away. We must not only do these things themselves, but also to the people  around the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection, to  promote everyone from the small things to start from the side of things to  start, treat us on the survival of the Earth, the common savings of valuable  resources, Improve our living environment.

It  is gratifying that the whole society is paying more and more attention to energy  conservation and environmental protection work. Many high energy consumption and  high pollution factories are forcibly shut down and replaced by environmentally  friendly factories with new energy and new technology. The more restrictions on  television, the roadside can often see the green on the environmental protection  advertising.

In  our whole society under the joint efforts of our homes will be more and more  beautiful!


Modern  houses are built with brick, cement and other materials, neither environmentally  friendly, and time-consuming and laborious. And dangerous. And I invented the  house is perfect, and now I introduce it!

This  house is an environmental tree. When you buy a house, the salesperson will ask  you to fill out a table, including the floor, the number of rooms and the  allocation. After filling the table, he will give you a seed according to your  request, you seeded in the ground, and soon will grow a tree, this is your  house.

Inside  the furniture are environmentally friendly, is made of garbage after recycling,  very environmentally friendly. Many types of houses, willow, poplar, locust tree  and so on. These houses are true trees. They can be sand, shock, wind ... ...  its function can be more, that can not finish.

Its  portable function is also very strong. You buy a bottle of reducing agent in the  sales company, sprayed on the house, the house will change back to the seed, to  the place, and then on the soil, it will change back to your original  appearance.

How  about the house I invented? Unfortunately, just imagine, I believe that one day  will become a reality


In the last several decades, our earth has been extremely polluted, such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and so on. In recent years, the extreme weather becomes more and more frequent. Winter gets colder and summer becomes hotter and it rains more frequently. All of these warn us that protecting the environment is a serious and emergent event. As our general people, we should build proper lifestyle. We should pay attention to water and light saving. When we go out, we should firstly choose the public transportation. The most important is that we must realize that we can do a lot of things to protect our environment. It's our duty to make our home better. Let’s change from ourselves.


Today  on a bed early, and sister together to the library. Found that there are a lot  of big brother elder sister the elder sisters still on the weekend in learning,  I also soon blended in such environments. So quickly found a book about the  environmental protection through the magazine, found that now China's  environmental crisis, in fact, for the world, this undoubtedly is also a crisis!  People of wild animals and frontiers wanton arbitrary cut down the trees and  flowers, optional littering, all this threat to the entire earth, the whole of  the human race.

On  the way home, my heart can't be calm once, the book says many is actually in my  side, but I rarely found this, some behavior I in casual in May also do,  although it seems to have no what, but for the human ecological environment is a  kind of destruction. I deeply realize, to do well the work of environmental  protection from yourself, from small start.

今天起了一个早床,和姐姐一起到了图书馆。发现原来有很多大哥哥大姐姐们在周末仍然在不停的学习,我也很快融入了这样的环境当中。于是快速的找了一本关于环保的杂志翻看,才发现现在中国的环保危机,其实对于整个世界来说,这无疑也是一个危机啊!人们肆意的杀掠野生动物、任意的砍伐花草树木、随意的乱扔果皮纸屑,这一切都威胁着整个地球,  整个人类。