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At  present, the humanity's common mother - the earth, she for us, even his ill have  no complaint, and we also - should take care of mother?

As  long as you to the earth mother's blood - stream, the stream will find there are  often animals such as in shat people littering caused the river smells like  vomit. Another small fish and other animals in survival rates. The earth  mother's bones, mountain is also at stake; Hair - woods also disastrous. Those  who give loess to dig down, and then sell it to others with a high price. And  the earth mother is brimming with his pain and fear his cry will cause floods.  The birds in the trees are also being shot to death of the human race. Number is  being with that sharp axe or chainsaw destroy forest.

Nowadays,  people to see the earth mother in such pain also has the environmental  protection consciousness. People slowly made public service ads, but also made  environmental signs, but also on March 12 as Arbor Day. The villages have  special sanitation workers.

And  our students what to do to protect the environment? Actually very simple, we  only need to bent down to pick up a pick up trash, pour a garbage, stop the mom  and dad do not environmental protection, use less a chopsticks, etc.

We  have only one earth, we need to protect our earth!







This  is the composition about to protect and love our environment. Indeed, we only  have one earth, it is essential and imperative for us to treat it nicely.

Or  else, we will be the one suffering. As a matter of fact, a great number of  animals and plants had extinct.

All  this was substantially because of we human being. And a large number of them are  endangered. If this does not imply that we are not obliged to do something, the  world is going insane and will be destroyed.

To  stop this from happening, we have many options. First and foremost we should  start from ourselves.

Do  as what a perfect citizen should do. Then, restrain the factories from  polluting, this can be done by establishing laws and rules. If we united as one,  nothing is impossible.


Today  there is more and more pollution and the environment is becoming worse and  worse. So we have to know how to protect the environment. Here are some  ways.

First,  we can stop driving our personal cars. We can go to school or work on foot or by  bus. Not only can it protect environment, but also it is good for our  health.


Second,  we are not supposed to drop litter anywhere, we should put them into the trash  bin. And it’s best to pick up the litter on the ground when we see them.

Third,  we should save the paper, the water, the food and so on.

Fourth,  we should protect the trees and we should plant more trees.

I  think if everyone does something to protect the environment, our world will be  much better.








The problem of “white pollution” caused by used plastic is becoming increasingly serious, in which plastic shopping bags play an important role. In China about three billion plastic shopping bags are consumed every day, which results in a great waste of resources and heavy environmental pollution. Luckily, The government has put a nationwide ban on the use of free plastic bags, demanding that all stores and supermarkets not provide customers with free plastic bags after June 1. The rule will undoubtedly reduce the use of plastic bags and enhance the awareness of environmental protection. It is highly advocated that we should turn to cloth bags and shopping baskets from now on.


In  my memory, before, the sky is extraordinarily blue, the extravagant grass is  green, the flowers are extra red, the rows of trees are neatly arranged, and all  the trees are standing in full bloom, Go, like two neat green flag, the road  converted into a boulevard, the birds in the tall trees covered the nest, live  comfortably. Morning, open the window, open the door, a burst of fresh air from  the nose, how refreshing the morning ah!

But  now, green grass, tall lush trees, red flowers, blue sky, they are no longer  easy to appear, replaced by a plant covered with dust grass, lonely trees, dying  The flowers, the gray sky, the dirty air.

If  this goes on, it will cause great harm to our body.

To  protect the environment, we must start from the small, start from me, in order  to make the air fresh, I go to school, school adhere to walk, or ride a bike.  Less use of plastic bags, you can use environmentally friendly bags, in order to  make the environment clean, I put the garbage classification, do not throw  litter. In order to protect the water, I save water, in order to protect the  trees, I do not have disposable chopsticks, saving paper, tree planting, a  variety of flowers, not trees cut chaos. Although I am a person's strength will  not cause much effect, but I believe that if everyone together to protect the  environment, will make our air fresh many, so that the environment clean a lot,  so that water is clear many, so many beautiful trees.

Our  country is developing very fast, but we must not be at the expense of our homes.  In order to protect the environment, our country in 1949 in the northwest,  north, northeast wind and sand damage, soil erosion serious areas, the  construction of large shelter forest project - three North Shelterbelt, also  known as "Green Great Wall" in order to be able to lock the sand, Disaster, and  now our life has been greatly improved.

Let's  show us our oasis in front of everyone!


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