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Does Outlook Be Important? People always attach great importance on the soul, as the saying that beautiful soul overweighs everything, so in the movie, the everlasting theme is that an ugly girl wins the true love at last. Recently, a hot topic of discussing whether the girls’ outlook is important, the fact is that people reach their agreement that outlook really matters, if a person looks terrible, no one will like to make friends with him, let alone to know about him. In my opinion, beautiful soul is of great importance, but if people don’t make themselves look comfortable outside, no one wants to know his inside. We need to clear ourselves, it doesn’t mean we must make up, we should make ourselves look comfortable and confident, we should dress the tidy clothes and make our hair in order. People say outlook is not important, but it doesn’t mean we give up our outlook and let it look terrible.



How do you define loneliness? I often walk alone, should I call myself a lonely girl?


Nowadays, it’s a common phenomenon that college students fall in love with others because they cannot stand loneliness. In my point of view, I believe that people with a strong will to finish something won’t feel lonely. Many people feel lonely when they are boring, nothing to do. That is to say, if we have many things to do, work hard for our dreams, live a meaningful life, we won’t feel lonely. Our dreams will accompany with us.


In my opinion, I think people who don’t know what they want are lonely, because they have no destinations in their life. They are lonely in soul. So I don’t consider I am a lonely person, because I have dreams, I have best friends on my road to succeed. To a conclusion, there is no doubt that lonely in soul is real lonely.



When I got home, my brother asked me what I would give for mother's day.

I was stunned. Say a word: forehead!

Then I don't know what to answer. Well, I wasn't really prepared for it, so I was given a sentence like that. Then he opened a joke: "that's it!"

The dress was the one she chose last week. The younger brother smiled and said nothing. Ask his brother what gift he has prepared for you! He took a card out. Hey! It was in his present age, and there was a picture of the liuxue86.com boy that was still decorated. They do it all by themselves. I didn't say anything.

Open taobao at once. For nearly an hour. The two targets are locked, one eye presses and a spine presses.

The eye was selected for the kneading machine. Look at the price. Oh, my god. Let me pick it. Thousands of, single-digit, hundreds. And then we've chosen more than two hundred.

Let the seller leave the note. It's no more than mother's day to send here. That day, do not need cake, do not need what, be so, common ground pass!

On the school bus, a friend said, the whole class of their class said that everyone must make mother's day CARDS, or they wouldn't be allowed to go home. Unfortunately, our class didn't have this hard rule, so we took the paper and didn't do it, because there was no art class, it was washed off on Monday!

All right, just want mom to love herself!



Three attributes can help people in their studies. First, a sense of responsibility is important for building a sound character. If you aren't responsible, you'll postpone your assignments or devote too little time to your schoolwork. Second,in school life,relationships between people are valuable. Friends can bring you happiness and laughter. In addition, you can discuss problems and pursue knowledge with them. Last, it is important to have a constructive philosophy of life. If you are defeated, don't be disappointed. Try to face your life and your studies with courage and determination. If you can work toward these goals, you'll become a well-rounded and versatile student instead of being a bookworm.



As we all know a better result of study can be brought by a better study environment. As a result, it is necessary for us to build the green campus. The green campus can not only provide a good environment for our study,but also be a part of build the harmonious society. The green campus is not only the environmental being green, but also the sprite being green,which means we should do other things like helping each other or caring each other. Therefore, we should both beautify the campus environment and create a campus culture. As students, we enjoy the campus time while we have responsibility to build our green campus. In spiritual term, we should respect teachers, classmates and other people work for the school. In environmental term, we should have good habits to keep campus in a clean surrounding.

正如我们所知,一个更好地学习环境能带来更佳的学习成绩。所以,创建绿色校园对我们而言就很有必要了。绿色的校园不仅能为我们提供优良的学习环境,同时也能为构建和谐社会做出贡献。 绿色校园不仅仅指绿色的校园环境,也包括绿色的精神,即我们应该互相帮助、互相关心等。因此,我们不仅要美化校园,也要创造崭新的校园文化。 作为中学生,我们在享受美好校园时光的同时,也应该对创建绿色校园富有责任。专业地说来,我们应该尊敬老师、同学和校园里的其他人,应该养成良好的习惯以维持清新的校园环境。