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  keep: to put customarily /store ( 存放等许多意思)

  1. Please kept your bank card in a safe place. (请把你的银行卡放在一个保险的地方)

  2. Some detectives were keeping guard at the door. ( 一些侦探正在把着门 )

  3. Can you keep the secret? (你能保守秘密吗?)

  4. He probably won’t be able to keep this job. ( 他也许保不住那份工作了。 )

  5. She keeps a diary ( 她记日记 )

  6. What kept you? ( 是什么事情耽误了你)

  belong to (属于 )

  1. They belong to a younger generation. (他们属于年轻的一代 )

  2. That chair belongs in the other room( 这把椅子应该放在另一个房间里)

  3. Where do these things belong? (这些东西应该放在什么地方?)

  be shocked ( 感到吃惊)

  1. I was shocked when I heard about the accident. ( 当我听说了那个事故我感到很吃惊)

  2. The river course is being cleaned. ( 河道正被清理着)

  A student of mine( 我的一位学生)

  A property of grandfather’s ( 我祖父的一份财产)

  Deserve: to be worthy of ( 值得应该得到)

  1. His suggestion deserves our attention. ( 他的建议应该引起我们的注意)

  2. You deserve this prize. (这份奖你是应该得的 )


  1. He collects his salary at the end of each month(每个月末他来领工资)

  wage (一般指按星期甚至按日发的钱 )

  1. His wages are S250 a week ( 他一个月的薪水是250美元)

  pay back (归还 )

  1. It is one’s duty to pay tax. (交税是每个公民的义务 )

  2. Who’s going to pay all these bills.(谁来付这些账单?)

  3. I’d like to pay by cheque. ( 我想用支票付账)

  4. He has paid off his debts. ( 他已还清了债务)

  5. Is there pay phone around?(附近有付钱的电话吗? )

  6. Equal pay for equal work. ( 同工同酬)

  7. Do you get overtime pay. ( 你有加班费吗?)

  meet (送行 )

  1. Let’s meet at the gate. ( 让我们在大门口碰头)

  2. I’ll be over to meet you at the airport. (我会在机场接你的 )

  3. I won’t say sorry to him. ( 我不会向他道歉的)

  set out(出发 )

  1. We’ll set out for Tibet in a week. ( 一星期以后,我们将出发去西藏)

  2. There is plenty of rooms in my bag. ( 我包里还有很多空)

  3. We have prepared plenty of food for the party. (我们为聚会准备了大量的吃的 )

  See(参观)/say goodbye to sb. ( 和某人道别)

  1. Can I see your office? ( 我可以参观一下你的办公室吗?)

  2. Please say hello to your family for me.( 请替我向你的家人问好)