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  M: Hi, Ellen ! Is this your new bike?


  E: Yes, I bought it only yesterday.


  M: It's cool! May I have a try?


  E: Of course. Don't forget to ride on the left.


  M: Oh, I think it'll take me some time to get used to it. You know, in my country, we should drive, ride and walk on the right.

  M:嗯,我想我还需要一定时间来适应这个规则。你是 知道的,在我们国家,不管开车,骑车还是走路都 要靠右行。

  E: Well,it could be dangerous if you break the rules.


  M: OK, I think I'd better try on your bike when I get more familiar with the traffic regulations here. Why do so many people commute by bike in Cambridge?

  M:好的,我想我还是等熟悉这里的交通规则以后再来 试骑你的车吧。为什么剑桥有那么多人都以自行车 作为交通工具呢?

  E: You see, Cambridge City is small and flat, besides, the colleges of Cambridge University scatter in every comer of the city. Riding a bike between lectures is quick and convenient.

  E:剑桥市面积不大,而且地势平坦。此外,剑桥大学的各个学院分布在城市的毎个 角落,骑自行车往来于课堂之间十分方便快捷。

  M: And it is almost the most environment-friendly way of commute.


  E: That's right. Since riding a bike is the most common way to commute in this city, there are a lot of regulations about riding.


  M: For example?


  E: For example, people under 18 or above 60 should wear a helmet when they ride, and your bike should be equipped with two lights, with one in the front and the other in the back.

  E:比如说,18岁以下,60岁以上的人骑车出行都要佩戴头盔。毎辆自行车都必须 配备前后两盖灯。

  M: We don't have this kind of regulations in our country.


  E: It's a little bit troublesome but it's for the sake of safety.


  M: I agree. I noticed that people just leave their bikes propped against a wall and some of them are even unlocked, thus I'm wondering is it because that there is no bike crime here?

  M:我完全同意,我注意到,这里的人经常随便把车靠在墙上,有些车甚至都不上锁, 所以,我在想,是不是这里都没有人车?

  E: No, it's far from the case. People sometimes just take their bikes casually and Cambridge is the UK's bike crime capital.


  M: You must be careful with your bike.


  E: I will. If you're interested in biking, you can join the CUCC. That's the Cambridge University Cycling Club.


  M: I'd like to, but I'm not very skilled in cycling.


  E: It doesn't matter. CUCC has a wide variety of events for members of all abilities. Membership is available for all types of students and university staff.

  E:没关系,俱乐部有各种各样的活动,成员们可以根据自身的情况进行选择。所有 的学生和教职员工都有参加这个俱乐部的资格。

  M: Really? Can you tell me more about the club, for example, the history of it?

  M:真的吗? <尔可不可以给我介绍一下这个俱乐部啊,比如它的历史什么的。

  E: Of course. The club came into being in 1874 with 11 members; within five years this figure was in excess of 260 and included all members of the University from undergraduates to Fellows.

  E:当然啦。这个俱乐部成立于1874年,当时只有11位成员。5年之内,成员人数 就增长到了 260人,包括大学里各类人士,即有本科生又有研究员。

  M: How popular it is! Is there any competition held by the club?


  E: Yes. Within two months of its formation, the Dark Blue Bicycle Club requested the first inter-varsity race. This inaugural race was held on the 18th June 1874,and consisted of an 80 mile course between Oxford and Cambridge. Cambridge won, taking both the first and second places.

  E:举行过。在它成立两个月内,深蓝自行车俱乐部就向它发起了第一次大学对抗 赛。这次比赛在1874年6月18日举行,赛道是牛津到剑桥之间的_条80米的路。 剑桥蠃了,第_名和第二名都由剑桥的学生取得。

  M: Wow, Cambridge is really good at cycling.


  E: Yes, but sometimes Oxford won the match. The club went from strength to strength through the 1880s, with amateur racing flourishing.

  E:是,但是牛津有时也会赢得比赛。整个19世纪80年代,这个俱乐部变得越来越 强大,业余爱好者比赛盛行。

  M: OK, thanks for your information. I will join the club and maybe someday I will be the winner of the amateur race.

  M:好的,谢谢你告诉我这些。我也要加入这个俱乐部,没准有一天我也会成为业余 爱好者比赛的冠军呢。

  E: Great. There are few easier ways to get fit and healthy than by enjoying a leisurely cycle ride instead of catching the bus or getting in the car.

  E:太好了。既简单,又有利于健康的运动莫过于悠闲地骑骑自行车了,这比坐公交 或者开车都要好得多。


  L: Hi, Joanne. I’m thinking about borrowing some books from the University Library, but you know, I am new here,so could you please tell me something about the library?

  L:嗨,乔安妮。我正打算去学校图书馆借几本书呢,但是我是新生,你能不能结我 介绍一下图书馆啊?

  J:Of course. Some students said that it is a huge labyrinth.


  L:Yes. It must not be easy for a new-comer to find what he or she wants.


  J:Don't worry. At the beginning of every semester, introductory tours would be given by the librarian, explaining the catalogues, shelving arrangements, closed access collections and book-fetching.

  J:不要担心。每个学期开始的时候,大学图书馆的管理员都会义务举办各类主题的 图书馆使用讲座,讲解图书目录的编排,书架的摆放规则,非开放类资料和图书 借取。

  L:They are really considerate. But I think it will take us some time to get familiar with it


  J:True. There is an online library floorplan to help you find your way around. The library staffs are very kind; I think they will be pleased to help you.

  J:对。馆里还有在线图书馆楼层安排,你也可以借助这个找到正确路线。图书管理 员们也都非常和气,他们都很乐意帮忙。

  L: That's great. Maybe if s better for me to ask the staff for help when I can,t find what Vm looking for.


  J: Yes. In addition, the library is the centrally-administered library of the University of Cambridge and comprises five separate libraries.


  L: Five separate libraries?

  L: 5个分馆?

  J: Yes. They are the University Library main building, which is commonly referred to simply as “the UL”,the Medical Library, the Betty and Gordon Moore Library, the central Science Library and the Squire Law Library.

  J:是啊,图书馆的主楼,通常被简称为"UL”,医学图书馆,贝蒂和戈登摩尔图书 馆,中心科学图书馆和法学图书馆。

  L: Who can use the Library?


  J: All members of the University of Cambridge are welcome to use the library. Besides, academic staff and research students from other universities, private and business researchers may apply to use the library for reference*

  J:所有剑桥大学的成员都可以使用。另外,其他大学的从事科学研究的教职工或者 学生,其他私人和商业机构研究员也可以申请使用剑桥的图书馆。

  L: Does the library charge any fee?


  J: It is not free to eveiybody. A 10 pounds administration charge for 6 months applies to applicants from non-UK universities and the public.

  图书馆并不是对每个人都免费。非英国大学 的申请人和公众需要缴纳10英镑,这是半年 的费用。

  L: Not expensive. I guess the library must have covered all the subjects in human history.

  这并不贵。我想图书馆的书籍肯定包括了人 类历史上所有的学科。

  J: You are right. There are many precious copies of the ancient works.


  L: I heard that it is a legal deposit library, what does this mean?


  J: It means that it is entitled to claim a copy of every publication in printed form published in the UK and Ireland. Almost all of this material is claimed and can be consulted in the library.

  这就是说,它有权利要求所有在英国和爱尔 兰出版的图书都交送一份绐它。我们可以在图 书馆里找到所有的这类材料,并进行使用。

  L: That's great!


  J: It also holds extensive collection of books, journals, maps, microfilms, photographs and sound recordings published overseas and has extensive special collections of rare books, manuscripts, and other materials.

  图书馆里还有大量图书、期刊、地图、缩影胶 片、照片和海外音像资料,更有许多的孤本,手稿和其他材料。

  L: It's no wonder that scholars all over the world want to come to Cambridge and meanwhile so many world-famous scholars and scientists who have made great contribution have spent part of their life studying in Cambridge.

  所以,世界各地的学者都想到剑桥来,而许多闻名世界的学者和科学家都曾经在 剑桥待过,就一点也不奇怪了。

  J: Absolutely.


  L: When is it open? I am afraid it is closed now.


  J: Let me see. No, you still have the time. It won't be closed until 19: 00 from Monday to Friday. If it is on weekends, you should be more careful with the time. On Saturdays it will be closed at 5 pm and it is closed on Sundays.

  我看看。还没呢,还有时间。周一到周五是晚上七点关门。但如果是固末,你就 得注意点时间了。周六是晚上5点关门,周日闭馆。

  L: I see. I'd better hurry up now.


  J:. Don't forget to take your University ID Card with you. It's all you need to start using tiie Library.


  L: I won't. Thanks for your information!



  S: Do you know that Cambridge received 14,585 applications and Oxford 13,287 for entry this October?

  S:你知道吗,今年10月,剑桥大学收到了 14585份入学申请,牛津收到了 13287份。

  J: Yes. But how many of them will survive the interview is still in doubt.


  S: Cambridge alone rejected at interview more than 5,000 students last year who went on to get three A grades in their A levels, underlining the intensity of competition.

  S:去年剑桥就拒绝了 5000多名学生的申请。这些学生都是获得了 3个A-level成 绩的学生,这就说明了竞争有多么激烈。

  J: True. Interviewers in those two Universities are good at posing eccentric questions.


  S: They may all be academic thoroughbreds, but success in the Oxbridge stakes can seem as remote as winning the Grand National,

  S:他们可能学习都很优秀,但是能通过面试的机率就跟在英国"全国大赛马”获胜 一样低。

  J: It was said that the tutors select people they want to teach ultimately.


  S: The competition against other students is fierce and candidates need to differentiate themselves, “To be honest, they're competing against each other,not against the interviewers,"said a don in the university.

  S:同学之间的竞争特别激烈,申请者们必须有与众不同之处才能脱颖而出。一位面 试官曾讲过:“老实说,他们是彼此在竞争而不是在和面试官竞争。”

  J: Yes. Nearly all applicants have excellent A-level grades, so places are increasingly awarded for original answers in interviews.

  J:对。几乎所有的申请人的成绩都是非常优秀的A-level,所以能否被录取就更加 取决于他们在面试中的表现了。

  S: So it's worth actively engaging with the questions, without being rude or confrontational, rather than tiptoeing around to avoid mistakes.

  S:所以,面试者不能傲慢粗鲁,也不能畏畏缩缩的逃避犯错,而是积极地参与到问 题中去。

  J: Some entrants are so nervous that they even practice the interview on a daily basis with the help of their parents at home.


  S: Really? Does it help?


  J: It's hard to say. But a mother of a twin said that she thinks the practices are really helpful, and she even suggested parents of the applicants should help their children to practice their reaction and creative thinking.

  J:这不好说。但是有_位双胞胎的家长说,§也认为这种练习+分有用,她还建议别 的学生家长也在家帮助孩子们练习,以增强反应能力和创造性思维的能力。

  S: That might be true. However, I also heard that over-rehearsing does no good to the interview because they might lose the ability of responding naturally and spontaneously.


  J: Yes. You really have no idea what the tutors are looking for. One of my friends who got 5 As at A-Level, was head boy, involved in Drama, charity work and debating did not get into Cambridge.

  j:有道理。很难说这些老师们到底要寻找什么样的人才。我有一位朋友曾经在 A_level得了 5个A、担任班长、参加戏剧演出、慈善工作、也是辩论社的一员, 可是他还是被剑桥录取。

  S: Why?


  J: Who knows why? Maybe he just didn't fit what the tutor was looking for.

  J:谁知道为什么。也许只是因为他不是老师 们要找的人。

  S: Well, I think the teacher must also be highly pressured on this since they might have made the wrong decision.

  S:嗯,我觉得老师们恐怕也非常有压力,因 为他们很可能会作锫误的决定。

  J: Yes, I heard that next week, in an attempt to standardize its admissions procedure, Oxford will announce that all dons are to be put through training sessions to remind them how to interview fairly and well.

  J:是啊。我听说为了使招生程序标准化,牛 津宣布下周对所有参加面试的老师进行培训,

  S: They just shouldn't be so picky.


  J: They might appear to be cruel, but there are only few places, they must make the decision.


  S: Let me tell you an interesting story about the admissions ritual at Peterhouse, Cambridge. When a candidate entered the room, someone would kick a rugby ball towards him. If he caught it, he was in; if he drop-kicked it back, he won a scholarship.

  S:我跟你讲一个有趣的故事,是关于剑桥彼得学院招生面试的。面试者一进入面试 的房间,就会有人踢给他一个橄榄球,如果接到了,他就会被录取;如果把球踢 了回去,就能赢得奖学金。

  J: That's interesting but can't be true!


  S: No one suggests that happens now, but tales still circulate about baffling questions posed by dons.


  J: They said sometimes teenagers can break down in tears.


  S: How does the teacher cope?


  J; One of the dons said to them: 4tif you want to cry for another five minutes, you can.” Sometimes they go away, have a cup of coffee and come back.

  J:—位面试官跟现场大哭的学生说:“如果你还想再哭5分钟的话,请便。"有时候, 他们只是暂时离开,喝杯咖啡再回来。

  S: Are you kidding me?