be going to释义:将要; 打算(做)。以下是学习啦小编为大家整理的be going to的同义词和例句,以供参考。

  be going to的同义词:


  be going to的同义词例句:

  A country must have the will to repel any invader.


  Free will makes us able to choose our way of life.


  The rich man left his son nothing in the will.


  She was married against her will.


  I will make sacrifices solely on your account.


  You will report to me afterward.


  be going to的英语例句:

  It soon came out that Peter and Alice were going to get married.


  He's been speaking now for nearly an hour. When is be going to shut up?


  Councillor Jones promised to spend more on welfare services if he was re-elected but he was completely floored when I asked him how he was going to pay for it.


  When asked, she confirmed that she was going to retire.


  If the world appears to be going to hell, goes the thinking, perhaps that’s just what is happening. 如果世界看上去正走向毁灭,人们也会更多的去思考,也许正在发生的就是如此而已。

  Based on that velocity, the team concludes that more than 50% of the energy of the shock wave must be going to accelerating the protons instead of generatingheat. 基于这个速度,研究小组得出结论:激波中超过50%的能量肯定是在为其中的质子加速,而不是产生了热量。

  I've already given you an overview of what topics we'll be going to. 我已经给你们大致介绍了一下,我们将要进行的主题。

  Within a 10-minute walk, I cameacross a dozen youngsters, all wearing old-fashioned hats — and theycouldn’t possibly all be going to a fancy dress party. 每走10分钟,我就能看见一群年轻人全都戴着这种老土帽子,而且,他们根本不是去参加化装舞会。

  I should be playing with friends; I should be going to school; I should be lookingforward to a future, to growing up and marrying, and having a family of my own.小孩在那样的年纪应该是去和朋友玩耍,去学校上学,憧憬着未来,期望长大成人、结婚生子、组织自己的家庭。

  For you it may be going to a tapas bar with old friends and for others it may betaking a long midday nap. 对一些人来说,可能和些老朋友去小吃吧聊聊是不错的选择;而对另一些人来说,用大半天来睡懒觉更适合他们。

  "Kate has said she won't be going to Sandringham (the Queen's country home) until she's a part of the family," the paper quoted a friend of Middleton as saying.《每日邮报》援引米德尔顿一位朋友的话说:“凯特说,因为她和威廉还没有结婚,所以今年不打算去女王的桑德灵厄姆私人庄园过圣诞。”

  Q: Which Canadian cities will President Hu Jintao be going to when he is in the country? 问:胡锦涛同志对加拿大进行国事访问期间,将赴哪些城市访问?

  Right now, they shall be going to the gate to beg. 现在他们正要去乞讨呢。

  She called her children in North Carolina, ages 3 and 1, and told themshe would soon be going to work in a place called Afghanistan. For a year. 昨夜她打电话给她在南加州的两个儿子,一个三岁,另一个一岁,告诉孩子们她将要去一个叫做阿富汗的地方工作,要去一年。

  She called her children in North Carolina, ages 3 and 1, and told themshe would soon be going to work in a place called Afghanistan. 昨夜她打电话给她在南加州的两个儿子,一个三岁,另一个一岁,告诉孩子们她将要去一个叫做阿富汗的地方工作,要去一年。

  It could be going to a certain restaurant, watching a movie on the first Saturday ofevery month, or anything else that involves spending time together, that you doat a certain time or date. 可以是去某个固定的饭店,在每个月的第一个周六去看一场电影,或任何一些你们两人在某段时间或某个日子里共同完成的事情。

  We be going to the cinema tonight. 我们今晚可能会去看电影。

  The biggest city in the district was New Haven, where I’d be going to law school, and the district included Milford, where I would be living. 在这个选区中,最大的城市是纽黑文——我后来就是到纽黑文的法学院读书的。米尔福德也在这个选区,那是我后来生活的地方。

  UNICEF Spokesman, Michael Klaus, says he does not know how many childrenactually will be going to school. 联合国儿童基金会发言人克劳斯说,他不知道有多少学生真的会去上学。

  Instead of finishing out the year, he would be going to Iraq to help fight the warthat had just begun. 他不能把这一学年的课讲完了,因为他马上就要上伊拉克前线,那里的战争刚刚打响,他得去帮忙。

  B: Good, you must be going to the ceremony. B:好啊,那你一定要去参加婚礼喽。

  I don't think on the basis of this report people should be going to their GPs. 我认为大家不应该根据这份研究报告就去找他们的医生。

  Teixeira said she would be going to UN climate talks under way in Mexico "proud" of Brazil's results so far and ready "to negotiate compromises and results withother countries. 特谢拉说,她对巴西目前取得的成果感到“骄傲”,她将参加正在墨西哥举行的联合国气候谈判并将“通过谈判寻求妥协以取得共识。”

  Because I knew I'd be going to a better college than the other kids. 因为我知道比起其他孩子来,我今后去念的大学更强。




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